Name: Clint Thomson

Shadow Name: Smoke

Concept: Dirty ex-cop PI that is trying to make redemption to all the sins he made


Clint magic is based on the process of death, it’s not the act of killing (although that can help) but the spiral down toward death that fuel his Magick.  The death can be symbolic as well as actual; burning a good book can work just as well as drowning oneself in booze.  In theory Clint could have other people/animal be killed to fuel his Magick but that is the path to Johr and Gilgu, enough said it is the path not taken.

Tools that can cause death, such as weapons and martial arts can work as well as more subtle death bringer such as cigarettes and alcohol. Addiction is a side effect but is not a tool of the trade.

On a different level there is all the reading of Fate, using the Tarot deck.  Clint has a deck given to him by his mentor, it is an old relic from the Ascension war but any game of chance could be used, of course the more morbid and connected to death the item is the more potent it is for Clint.

Avatar: Questing Essence

Clint Avatar is the ghost of his former partner that urge him in any ways to go and make things right.

Background story:עריכה

Jenny Williams will be fourteen next Thursday, if she is lucky. She went missing last Monday and not been heard from. Mommy Williams asked me to find her missing offspring cause she is worried. Turn out Mommy had good reasons to be, I tracked Jenny to this place, its a bar in the wrong side of Chicago.

I sit with Bob, he is fat balding and he tells me he know jack shit and I should get out of here. See, I have a sense he is lying, no Magick there just good PI instincts. Only I need to know for sure, so I pour us another drink and light a smoke, what a week to quit smoking and drinking, while my cancer stick burns we are talking and drinking. I know Cassie would use her fancy Tarot deck, me I found out my Magick work best the closer I am to death door, the drinks and smokes helps.

By our second shot I know Bob is a SOB and is lying to me, I can see it in his face the way the smoke circles around it and the way the booze make his voice slurry. I pour him third and fourth drinks "How about you tell me where the little girl..." I tell him catching his eyes with mine. Few people can stand the gaze of death and not speak the Truth, and Bob, he is a lowlife chicken shit he spill everything...

I wasn’t always like that, my story is an old story, been playing around since there were criminals, cops and cash lots of cash and of course sins there are always vices involved.

The story always play the same, think crowded dirty city with more sins and evil lurking than it has right to have. Think rookie cop full of ideal and passion being paired with a veteran cop, he once was shinny and clean but if you walk the streets you get dirty. Than there is the crime boss, king of the world or at least his little mud pond he own the crooked cop and wants to get his paws on the rookie.

Only rookie cop is full of zeal and ideal, he has a flashy detective badge and sweet lady Justice whispers in his ear. The poor schmuck hadn't figure out that lady Justice is blind and will hitch her skirts up for anyone with coins.

There is a case, some poor runaway kid get used and dumped, murdered or OD it doesn't matter what does matter is that there are string to our crime lord and rookie is all about it. Meanwhile the older cop is trying to keep rookie alive and stay alive himself.

In the shows, rookie cop always pull it off, he manage to convince the dirty cop its time for a change and gun blazing they storm the crime lord place. Only in real life what happens is that dirty cop is dirty and the crime lord own him so he give rookie to the crime boss.

Rookie gets a couple shots in his head, pity lady Justice was looking the other way at the time. Now there is our dirty cop but see he crossed the line here, he saw what he shouldn't and the crime boss is pissed at him for getting him into this mess in the first place. So dirty cop get a new pair of shoes, cement strong and get tossed into the Hudson to sleep with the fishes.

End of story, right? ... Wrong

See, while I was there at the bottom of the river I died, dead as a doorknob drowned and ready to pass over. Only Richie came to me, Richie that is the rookie cop, my partner that died up on the docks. Poor guy was not even twenty five, he got married less than a year ago and his wife Angy, she is with a baby. Anyway Richie come to me, I see him with bleeding bullet holes instead of eyes and yells at me... "You don't get it off this easy... you go out there and finish it... you owe me."

I scream mouth full of water and all and I die again only I wake up with a scream, washed up on a shore. It would seem my cement shoes were not that strong. I'm dead officially and I am all confused, I saw how fucked up life are I see it all, the taint gripping the city I am damned myself but I suddenly know that it is my role my fucking Karma to do something about it.

I did not had much of a life to get back into, wife got smart six years ago and left me for a her childhood sweetheart, heard he is a baker or something. So I'm standing there shaking all wet thinking what to do when I see this kid, she is young dress like those new Goths call herself Cassandra . Turnout she has been waiting for me and as I see her with that wicket knife I begin to sob and cry sobbing and shedding all my guilt and sins of the old life.

I did it well enough she decide I prove my worth and she give me a shot at redemption. Turnout this kid knew how to do Magick the real deal and she showed me how to use the Wheel and help people have a good life which was nice or good death which is important. I'm better at the death part but I try. A year later our paths separate, she gave me her favorite Tarot deck help with your reading she said and had some of her contacts with the Feds cook me up some knew identify.

It has been almost a decade since Cassandra left me, I’ve moved out of the rotten apple and into this windy city with core so rotten it reeks. Seven years working the street as a PI trying to do a measure of good against the rolling storm of corrupted pus and evil. I'm still me death and all did not free me from my vices or really made my past sins wash away, I'm not that deep into hubris to think some night swim and a sobbing confession is enough to be a clean slate. No redemption is a difficult path but I am taking it one step at a time trying to do some good so when it will be my final death I'll leave this world a little better than when I entered it.

Jenny Williams was lucky, I got to her before Bob accomplish was able to muster the nerve to put his paws on her. I kick the door in, I am not as spray I was fifteen years ago working the street of the rotten apple but wood and metal also die and so the door hinges rust away as I kick them.

It still leave me panting, damn stairs, should stop smoking… Bob guy turns to me with a stupid eye sending a big meaty fist at my face. Not as fast as I used to be but when you know where the punch is going to land you don’t need to be fast, just on time.

I duck and like in boxing session I still take I jab at his side, not as strong as I was but it helps knowing where it hurts and the steel polish knuckles also helped. Big and ugly collapse with a whine I’m not worried, I know where he live and later today we will sit and talk and there will be judgment and he will be a better man afterwards or at least have a good death but now I need to take Williams junior to her Ma, now it is time for tears and joy later tonight it will be blood and pain.

Magical Itemsעריכה

thumb|link=Spirit bottle

What this is: an old tarnished silver empty whisky flask now empty which Clint engraved with runes of sort. 

What does it do: When opened and directed at a spirit/ghost the bottle will suck it in and keep it imprisoned until the flask is open again. (may not work on very strong/powerful spirits)

How does it do it: Spirit 3 effect to capture and hold in place

Spirit knife

What this is: an old silver dollar coin Clint sharpened and etched Bazil name on.

What does it do: When placed in Bazil mouth or palm it would severe the ties of Bazil spirit to Bazil body

How does it do it: Spirit 3 effect attack spirit?

thumb|link=Glass of seeing

What this is: a circular glass green shard that was once the bottom of a bottle. Clint made an effort to smooth the edges but it is still sharp and one can cut oneself.

What does it do: When someone peek through the glass of seeing one can see into the Shadowland and spot ghosts and other spirits. The effect would last until one would stop viewing through the glass or ten minutes had passed.

How does it do it: Spirit 1 effect shared with the user.

If possible Clint would make a couple of these Watch me

Not! coat 

What this is: an old and worn over coat that Clint sprinkled with ash from several manuscripts he burned as well as place fragments of ID in the pockets.

What does it do: When the coat is buttoned up the wearer would be harder to detect.

How does it do it: Entropy 3(4?) effect to give the wearer Arcane 4 for an hour or so

Gommez the gun

What this is: Clint revolver etched with runes made from ink from a broken pen with an awakened spirit named Gommez/

What does it do:The spirit of the gun is awaken, the full capabilities of Gommez are for now unknown.

How does it do it: Spirit 3 effect

Second Wind

What this is: a small vile full with a mixture of alcoholic liquids mixed with grounded bones and other remains better not discuss.

What does it do: When drunk (beside the yuk factor) the drinker get for a brief time a lot faster and can move twice as fast in the same time. Note, only movement is hasten nothing else.

How does it do it: Time 3 effect to make the caster faster, the spell ends when the user pause or ten heart beats have past.


What this is: Clint would create several dream catchers made from broken pieces of glass, watches, bits of fur (from Needles) and other junk he finds. Each of these "dreamcatcher" is placed around entrances (windows and doors) in Clint office. The idea is that they would turn aside any evil eye that is trying to watch him.

What does it do: the dreamcatchers would create a Ward around Clint Sanctum that would prevent people spying on him via divination (umbra, time or correspondence effects). Clint would set this effect to last at least a month or so and would give a strong hindrance to spying on Clint (3-5 success). Please note that this would make passing into the Umbra harder from (or into) Clint office except for Needles who has been allowed free entry(hence his bits of fur)

How does it do it: Time, Correspondence and Spirit 2 effect,

Dread Call

What this is: Clint would smoke several packages of cigarette before drinking his whole damn alcohol collection. Once he is so drunk he can't see straight he would dial a random number and leave Cassandra a message he needs to speak with her ASAP.

Effect: Correspondence Entropy 2 effect to leave a message for his Mentor to contact him (yeah, I know he has the knife thing but this way he is showing a. backbone and b. keeping the summon Cassandra spell to a time where he would need her to be present).

Persons of interest עריכה

Bonisagus - an ally cat used by Angel to cast a spell. Clint "adopted" the cat and now he "lives" in Clint office, or rather make a mess of thing dine on the local rat population and whatever leftover Clint toss him.


Clint would make a pact with the following ghosts:

"Wild Bill" Hickok  - gunslinger, gambler and bounty hunter

Henry Moseley - scientist, physics and chemist

Black Dahila - an aspiring actress

Robert Johnson - guitarist, songwriter and singer

Paul Castellano - organism crime boss


Nature:  Caregiver           Demeanor: Curmudgeon

Essence: Questing

Resonance: Entropic (2)

Willpower: 7Abilities:




















Manipulation: Feeling Dread

Perception: Sharp Senses

Wits: Street Survive

















Intimidation 3





Brawl 1

Chicago know


Streetwise 3 Lore: Mage 2
Subterfuge 2 Lore: Garou 1


Avatar: 3

Certification (PI): 3

Resources: 1

Contacts (Street, Police): 1

Influence (Street, Police): 1

Sanctum (Office): 2

Mentor (Cassandra): 2

Ally (Needles): 2

Node: 1


Arete: 4


Entropy (Fate): 4

Time: 3

Spirit: 3

Prime: 2

Correspondance: 2


Light sleeper


Addiction (smoking and alcohol)



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